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(no subject) [May. 2nd, 2008|09:03 am]
[My wonderful emotion |boredbored]


I haven't updated this in 5 weeks ... does anyone use this anymore?

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Wooooooo [Mar. 22nd, 2008|07:12 pm]
[My wonderful emotion |surprisedsurprised]

So I have some exciting news.

I found my dress for prom at Debs!

Why is this good you ask?

Well, it's the color i'm actually looking for. (orange)

And it is a size 13.  Why is this good?  BECAUSE I NEVER CAN FIT INTO SIZE 13.  I usually wear 15/16  this is a MAJOR improvement people!

I think prom is going to be awesome this year.  I can't wait to tell Greg!

Yeah, that's it, i'm out.

:  )

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Blood Drive [Feb. 22nd, 2008|09:24 pm]
[My wonderful emotion |goodgood]

Well, giving blood was not that bad as I thought it was.  The only thing that actually hurt was the prick on the finger, but reallly that was it.  And they had to move my needle in my arm since my blood stopped flowing into the bag for a second or two, and I didn't even feel it!

It was the passing out part that I didn't like.

So I was sitting at the table with the snacks and what-not becuase we had to wait for 10-15 minutes before leaving if we felt okay.  I felt fine at first.  I had a few cookies, and some water, and then I felt REALLY dizzy.  So I put my head down on the table like the nurse told me, just in case I felt dizzy again.  Well, I remember putting my head on the table, and then, seeing black, and dreaming for a bit.  I then woke up lieing on my back on the floor, with two nurses repeating my name over and over again.  Honestly, for a minute I thought I was dreaming, and then they asked me if I knew where I was and I remembered that I was in the band room.  Then they asked if I knew why I was there and I remembered that I was giving blood.  So they picked me up, and put me in a rolly-chair thingy, and had me lay down on one of the beds they had.

I kept crying because I was kind of freaked out.  And my arm muscles kept spazzing out, but it stopped after a few minutes.  I basically stayed in the room getting my strength and "normalcy" back until the middle of 6TH HOUR.  

Apparently Doug Brown almost caught me, but apparently that didn't work.

I fell from the chair to the hard tile floor.  And now I have a bump on my head.  Then I called my mom and I signed out and drove home.  Don't worry, I didn't start to feel dizzy again until I made it to the driveway.  So I was okay driving home.

And I'm kind of sad that I had to miss doing the princess party thing.  But I decided that it was better if I just stayed home and rested.

So in case some of you people were wondering where I was in your hours, that's what happened.  And I am okay now.  : )

Hope you all have a good weeked.  I'm gonna go lay on the couch somemore.

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butterflies in my stomach? no not really. [Feb. 16th, 2008|12:57 am]
[My wonderful emotion |anxiousanxious]

Valentine's Day was fun.  Everything went good, dinner was nice, Greg got me tulips and the Moulin Rouge cd (my sister had a copy, but she lost it, and I had a burned copy, but I lost that, so I was pretty dang excited to get that present.)  But my Valentine night could have been funner.

So there's just a lot of drama around it, but let's just break it down.  This freshman girl thought that her and Greg were dating.  This thought was happening for about three days, and just YESTERDAY he finds out.  Greg starts freaking out, and isn't really happy about it.  I'm not either becuase this stupid idiot freshman is RUINING my Valentine night dammit.  And Greg played it off to her like "I don't want to date you."  Because he doesn't want everyone thinking that he was cheating on me, because he wasn't.. OKay... I know some of you will probably say "Are you SURE?"  Well I'm saying "yes, because he TOLD me that he isn't cheating on me and would NEVER cheat on me" that was response... so please don't question it any further, I love and trust my boyfriend.  This kind of drama pisses me off, but all Greg and I can do is just forget about it.  Him and I are still dating, and his friends still like him, these are the only things that matter.

Right now I'm just at Michelle's house, adding pictures to my myspace of my snowday(s) and "Greg and I" pictures.


okay... I'm done venting.


Autumn <3

I freakin' love you Greg.

Happy Belated Valentine's Day
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yeah [Feb. 3rd, 2008|01:54 pm]
[My wonderful emotion |contemplativecontemplative]

I like watching "A Midnight's Summer Dream" by William Shakespeare.  It's great, and actually happy at the end.

Super Bowl is today.  whoot.  I think the Patriot's are going to kick the Giant's butts.

I'm more excited for Greg's birthday tomorrow!  I can't wait to give him the present that I got!  And we're going to see Meet the Spartans for his birthday.  I'm paying for him, but his Valentine's Day is going to be A-W-E-S-O-M-E.

Okay... i'm going to attempt to look at MySpace backgrounds now... I called Greg, but I got his voicemail... so I have no idea what he's up to right now.


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Top Notch Son of a Gun [Jan. 19th, 2008|08:04 pm]
[My wonderful emotion |blahblah]

To start, i'm super stoked that we don't have school on Monday!!! 

My face problem is finally clearing up!  (well i've been breaking out, and well, I've noticed ... )

Greg is still amazing.  I called him when he was at his friend's this afternoon, and when we said "bye" I say "I love you" and then he says "I love you too" And then in the background I could  hear his friend going "awwwwwww you love your girlfriend!" And I heard Greg go "shut up!"  then I hung up, I thought it was cute.  <3

Tomorrow is my cousin's birthday bowling party.  And I plan on going and bringing Greg along, I hope he'll want to go.

I'm bored, I don't have anything to do tonight.


See you Tuesday.

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HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! [Jan. 1st, 2008|02:29 am]
[My wonderful emotion |sleepysleepy]

YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEE!!  It's finally 2008 everybody!!!  2007 is overrr.

: )

And I still love my friends.

And I still love, love, love, love Greg  <3

Watched the ball drop, drank some kids wine, hung out with my love, got annoyed by a kid, and currently just lost to Audrey AGAIN in Guitar Hero.  : (

I was close though.  : )

But good news!  I played "Through Fire and Flames" by Dragonforce on easy.. AND I BEAT IT!!  whhhoooo i've tried 2 times to beat it and failed,  but alas, on the 3rd attempt, I finally beat it!  with 80 something percent, I can't remember!  I hate how this game is sooo addicting!!  

okay, well have a happy 2008 everyone, even though most of you are currently sleeping in Audrey's basement.  : )  I know you'll read this sooner or later!

peace out girl scout!

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Blackbird Singing in the Dead of Night [Dec. 28th, 2007|10:01 pm]
[My wonderful emotion |pleasedpleased]

Wow, this break has been eventful.  : )

Let's see, there has been hanging outness and there has been the Christmas fun, and then the MK b-day fun, and seeing Sweeny Todd, and seeing AVP2 with Greg and his mommy!!  Just chilling out today though, I was going to go cosmic bowling, but that was cancelled due to the weather.  So im chilling out now.

ahhhhh I got a new comforter for christmas, it is so warm!!!!  its amazing!!  ::sigh::  And these new pj bottoms are the shit.

I bought the Across the Universe soundtrack, and I have been in a musical euphoria since I've gotten it!  wheeee!

Okay, see ya'll later!  Call if you want to hang out!

Love you all.


especially greg <3

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yay! [Dec. 15th, 2007|03:41 pm]
[My wonderful emotion |crazycrazy]

Oh. My. God.  I am bored.  I got back from my hair appointment for the Montague Christmas Dance tonight, and there is just NOTHING to do here.  I could shave my legs starting now, but, well I have plenty of time.  I had fun at the hair dresser's though.  : )

It needs to stop snowing, or just not snow on the roads anymore, it can snow everywhere else, just not on the road.  The roads aren't bad today, im just getting annoyed with seeing white on my road and on my driveway, secretly hiding the ice, awaiting me to fishtail like crazy.  Yet little does the ice know that I am well prepared for whatever it throws at me!  BUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA.  

My neighbor keeps loosing her cat, very annoying.  Mom found prints, let's hope that it doesn't end up on top of our roof again.  Now THAT would be a BITCH!  Great, now it might be in our house, we'll have to investigate.  

Well, yeah, I hope everyone has a good weekend.  I did have plans with M.K. for Sunday, but I guess we're not hanging out anymore.  : (   Oh well, I was planning on asking her to come to the Montague Band Concert tomorrow.  

See you Monday, or Sunday.  

((wheeeee Christmas is almost heerrrreeee.))

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boop de boop [Dec. 7th, 2007|09:14 pm]
[My wonderful emotion |cheerfulcheerful]

Sooooo, about Gabe Cerchiori (sp) and how he was on the news.  I'll be honest, I almost cried because I saw him in those handcuffs, and anklecuffs.  I mean, I feel sorry for Gabe, and I feel sorry for the kid that Gabe beat up.  I just can't believe he took it THAT far, BOTH of them I mean.  Although, I do have to laugh because my aunt called up and started talking to me about it because she saw what happened, and then she said "well, he's actually a good looking boy."  I was like "ew aunt patty, you're wierd."  her: "well, you dont think he's good looking?" me: "well i'm not saying he isn't, but he's just really hairy."  Then she started laughing at me.  I have a S-T-R-A-N-G-E aunt.

I just feel wierd about this whole thing, and im wondering what you guys think about it.

Greg's at the Pistons game tonight with Decca, haha, he called me before the game started  : )  Honestly, I wasn't expecting that at all, I mean, not like he wouldn't, but I thought he would call after the game was over, so I was surprised, and HAPPY!  : ) 

I'm excited for tomorrow too!  I don't feel like singing with Chamber though, but Michelle and I are possibly going out to lunch, and then to go watch the parade!  I'm excited for the parade, I shall be cheering very loud for Audrey, and all my lovely band friends, and then cheer loud for Greg and everyone else I know in the Montague Band, which really, isn't alot, but that's OKAY!  I haven't watched the parade in YEARS!  Usually the parade is on our Christmas dance or something, like last year I was working so I couldn't see it, and the year before that I was getting my hair done so I couldn't see anything out the window very well, so this year I'll be able to see the whole thing and it makes me EXCITED!  : )  And then after the parade, Greg and I are going to hang out.  <3

And then Sunday, I shall be working on my Topical History paper.  : (

Apparently we're supposed to get alot of snow Sunday night, but my hopes aren't getting up too high. 

Everybody have a lovely weekend!!

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